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Xenon Nova 300 Service Manuall

Xenon Nova 300 Service Manual

The Xenon Nova 300 is a cold light fountain that provides high-intensity illumination for endoscopic procedures. It is manufactured by Storz, a leading company in the field of medical technology. The Xenon Nova 300 uses a xenon lamp as the light source, which has a color temperature of 6000 K and a life span of about 500 hours. The device has a user-friendly interface, a compact design, and various safety features to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

If you own or operate a Xenon Nova 300, you may need to access its service manual for various reasons, such as troubleshooting, maintenance, or replacement of parts. The service manual contains detailed information about the physical design, operation, and circuit diagrams of the device, as well as instructions on how to test, adjust, and repair it. The service manual also provides safety precautions and technical specifications for the device.

Download File:

You can download the Xenon Nova 300 service manual from the official website of Storz, or from other online sources . The service manual is available in PDF format, which you can view on your computer or print out for your convenience. The service manual has 59 pages and covers the following topics:

  • General information about the device, such as its features, functions, accessories, and symbols.

  • Physical design of the device, such as its dimensions, weight, and components.

  • Exploded views of the device, showing the location and identification of each part.

  • Descriptions of operation and circuit diagrams of the device, explaining how it works and how the electrical signals are processed.

  • Replacement of individual assemblies, such as the lamp module, the fan module, the power supply board, and the combo board.

  • Testing and adjustments of the device, such as the lamp current, the lamp voltage, the fan speed, and the brightness control.

  • Maintenance and safety checks of the device, such as cleaning, disinfection, inspection, and calibration.

  • Modifications and supplements of the device, such as software updates and spare parts.

The Xenon Nova 300 service manual is an essential resource for anyone who wants to learn more about this device or keep it in good condition. By following the instructions and guidelines in the service manual, you can ensure that your Xenon Nova 300 provides optimal illumination for your endoscopic procedures.


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