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Flawless Remix

"Flawless (Remix)" is an official remix of "Flawless", a song by Beyoncé from her fifth studio album BEYONCÉ. It features new vocals from both Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. The song was produced by Hit-Boy. The song was released on Beyoncé's website and Soundcloud on August 2, 2014. It was also included and released as a digital download on November 24 as a track on the platinum edition of BEYONCÉ. The song impacted Rhythmic radio on August 12, and Urban radio on August 16. It peaked at #1 on Urban radio.

Flawless Remix

On July 27, 2014, Nicki said she pushed back her new single "Anaconda" back a week and we would know why soon. On July 30, rumors started spreading that the reason for this was because a song with her and Beyoncé would be dropping within the next few days. Rumors were that they remixed Flawless and Beyonce would be rapping along with Nicki about the "drama" that accorded with her the past few months. On August 2, Nicki posted the link to the song on her Instagram and Twitter. The song impacted Rhythmic radio on August 12, and Urban radio on August 16. It peaked at #1 on Urban radio. It was released as a digital download on November 24 with the album.

Caitlin White writing for MTV News felt that the version "more than exceeds our expectations" and added that it managed to expand "flawlessness beyond women at this juncture". Nadeska Alexis of the same publication wrote that Beyoncé sounded "extra fearless" together with Minaj. Pitchfork Media's Evan Minsker referred to the remix as "like a gift from the heavens" as it featured the two singers together on a song. Vulture's writer E. Alex Jung called the pair's first collaboration "epic". Melinda Newman, a writer of HitFix, felt that the reworked version "brings... up to speed" compared to the original, but noted that Minaj's lyrics discussing Jackson's doctor would likely upset his fans. Slate editor Sharan Shetty described it as "excellent", praising the duo as a "powerful pair". Jason Lipshutz of Billboard magazine praised Beyoncé's line adressing the elevator accident as a highlight of the remix. Time reviewer Nolan Feeney deemed the remix a "feistier, more aggressive take" on the original, while also adding that it had a different message, "talk all you want, you'll never wake up like them". A writer of Rap-Up magazine felt that Minaj delivered one of "her best verses yet". Sasha Frere-Jones, a critic of The New Yorker felt that unlike the original version, the remix is "flawless... because it is conceptually coherent and ferocious, and neither performer makes a mistake", noting that Beyoncé outshined Minaj's performance. He concluded his review by stating that "the synergy of the 'Flawless' remix hits a peak of cultural importance".

Late Saturday, Beyonce dropped a remix to the Beyonce song without notice. While some outlets (HipHopWired, Miss Info) sensed a collaboration between the two superstars was coming, it was mostly kept under wraps until the week of.

Honestly, the Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj beef has been over and done with for close to a year now, so why Lil' Kim chose now to reignite it is anyone's guess. Is she really jealous that Beyoncé chose Minaj to do the "Flawless" remix instead of her? Was Minaj really sending a belated diss Lil' Kim's way and Lil' Kim was the only one who picked up on it? Was one line in one verse really worth an entire diss track? 041b061a72


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