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writers: various artists: various publisher: various the pop culture craze that was bolstered by late 90s and early 2000s video games has carried over into the book publishing industry as well. getting the right publisher and the right editor can often be the difference between a good and a great book. in the same way that the early video game industry was a fertile breeding ground for fantastic stories, the early years of the book industry were no different. no longer confined to the pages of magazines, the printed word was able to tell the stories of horror, science fiction, and. 2d fighter maker 2015 austin schedule: free chiptune art. other 2d tools: 2d firemaker, 2d fighter maker 2015. 2d game maker. you can also make your own fun. in this article, we are looking at a list of some free 2d games. 2d chiptune art maker. free 2d game maker. 2d game maker.

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writer: daniel o'malley artist: nicola scott publisher: vertigo/ dc comics with a best-selling fables series and a movie in the works, daniel o'malley has proven himself a master storyteller, and his new northlanders comic is no exception. the series follows the journey of a few brave souls in a viking-like kingdom of the dead, who are willing to risk everything in order to reclaim their loved ones who have passed on to the other side. scott, best known for her work on halo: the fall of reach and the sin city movie, has produced some excellent work in the horror genre, often working with a subdued visual aesthetic that lends itself to the quiet, somber tone. she draws the characters with a style that is both delicate and powerful, and the story, which deals with themes of faith, loneliness and the fear of loss, is intricately realized. in a world of blood and guts, it can be tough to find books that are both beautiful and terrifying, but nicola scott has succeeded on both fronts. caitlin rosberg


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