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Bt878 Driver Windows 7 X64 Vs X86

Device drivers are the software interfaces that talk directly to the physical multimedia hardware. The PCI\VEN Code can be broken down into parts that relate to the hardware manufacturer, the category of the hardware and the revision of the hardware. The first part, the "PCI\VEN_", is specific to the manufacturer, Brooktree has the PCI\VEN code of "PCI\VEN_109E". The "&DEV_" part of the code relates to the hardware, in this case the "DEV_0878" relates to multimedia hardware, specifically the Bt878 Sound Capture. If the multimedia device is slow or just seems to be not working, then it is likely that the driver is a generic driver, is not installed correctly or is just broken. For use only with the Brooktree Bt878 Sound Capture device, an up-to-date list of downloads is shown below.

Bt878 Driver Windows 7 X64 Vs X86




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