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Cities XXL - Map Editor Download For Pc [full Version]

Cities XXL - Map Editor download for pc [full version]

Cities XXL is a city-building simulation game that lets you create and manage your own metropolis. But did you know that you can also create your own custom maps with the official Map Editor? In this article, we will show you how to download and use the Cities XXL - Map Editor for PC [full version].


What is Cities XXL - Map Editor?

Cities XXL - Map Editor is a downloadable content (DLC) for the base game Cities XXL on Steam. It is a tool that allows you to build and share your own maps with the Cities XXL community. You can edit your fields, generate the relief from a heightmap folder and apply yourself the materials and consistencies. You can also plant forests with various kinds of trees, add resources, set particles, and configure the environmental settings (such as the color of the sky, the intensity of the light, the water quality, etc.). You have maximum freedom in designing your field!

How to download Cities XXL - Map Editor?

To download Cities XXL - Map Editor, you need to have the base game Cities XXL on Steam. If you don't have it yet, you can buy it [here] for $9.99. Once you have the base game, you can download the Map Editor for free from the Steam store page [here]. Just click on the "Download" button and it will be added to your library. You can also access it from the "Downloadable Content" section in the game's properties.

How to use Cities XXL - Map Editor?

To use Cities XXL - Map Editor, you need to launch the game and select "Map Editor" from the main menu. You will see a window with several options to create or load a map. You can either start from scratch or use a template map as a base. You can also import a heightmap from an external source or export your map as a heightmap.

Once you have created or loaded a map, you can edit it using the tools on the left panel. You can change the terrain type, elevation, water level, resources, vegetation, particles, and environmental settings. You can also use the mouse to rotate, zoom, and move around the map. You can save your map at any time by clicking on the "Save" button on the top right corner.

To share your map with other players, you need to upload it to the Steam Workshop. To do that, click on the "Publish" button on the top right corner and fill in the required information. You can also add screenshots and tags to your map. Once you have published your map, it will be visible to other players who can subscribe to it and play it in their game.


Cities XXL - Map Editor is a great tool for anyone who loves city-building games and wants to create their own maps. It is easy to use and offers a lot of customization options. You can also share your maps with other players and discover new ones on the Steam Workshop. If you are looking for a new challenge in Cities XXL, download the Map Editor today and unleash your creativity!


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