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In the context of narcissists or abusers, enablers are distinct from flying monkeys (proxy abusers). Enablers allow or cover for the narcissist's or abuser's own bad behavior while flying monkeys actually perpetrate bad behavior to a third party on their behalf.[8] Padilla et al. (2007), in analyzying destructive leadership, distinguished between conformers and colluders, in which the latter are those who actively participate in the destructive behavior.[9]

Abuser gui

If you feel you are being abused or neglected, help is available. If you can safely talk to someone about the abuse, such as your physician, a trusted friend, or a member of the clergy, who can remove you from the situation or find help for the abuser, do so at once. Your physician has a legal obligation to report the abuser and help you find safety. 041b061a72


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