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Hopsin - I Don't Want It

Exclusive in-depth interview with Hopsin by Nick Huff Barili. Part 6 of this very candid interview starts with Hopsin explaining why he wants to move to Australia after his Knock Madness tour ends. Ive...

Hopsin - I Don't Want It

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Hopsin allowed life to take its course before getting back into the booth. Personal experiences sparked a wealth of ideas, many of which are represented in songs throughout his third studio album, Knock Madness (Funk Volume), out November 26. This may be a shocker to some, but Hop has stated this will be his last recorded album for a while, as he plans to take a hiatus after going on tour. "When I take a break, I am still going to be making music, I am [just] not going to be out publicly promoting shit," he says. "I am just going to be in my own house, doing whatever the fuck I want to do. Finding myself as a person." 041b061a72


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